May 24, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions



How does an institution in India become an ATA member?

By applying for membership. Membership is dependent on certain criteria that can be ascertained by writing to the Regional Secretary – India at


Are Associate membership and Accredited membership different?

An Associate member institution is one whose application to the Asia Theological Association for membership has been approved and accepted, but whose programmes have not been evaluated or accredited. An accredited member institution is one that has had one or more of its programmes evaluated and accredited.


What are the benefits of membership?

Associate member institutions in India are included on the mailing list of the India chapter, are invited as observers to the Annual General Meeting of the heads of member institutions each year, are entitled to receive two issues per year of the Journal of Asian Evangelical Journal and a copy of any other publication of the ATA released in a given year, and to take advantage of any other services rendered to member institutions (like workshops or seminars).


What are the responsibilities of an Associate member?

Associate members are expected to pay the annual membership fee, attend at least one of the AGMs held in the first two years of membership, and to submit an Annual Report in the required format. [This may be obtained by writing to the Regional Secretary – India at] Further, Associate member institutions are expected to move towards getting one or more of their programmes evaluated and accredited within the first two years of membership, failing which, their membership will be regarded as having lapsed, and they will have to apply for an extension of membership. Membership will be withdrawn if any institution does not fulfill its responsibilities as a member or is found misusing its membership in any way.


Can an institution affiliate to an accredited member?

Institutions affiliated to an ATA member institution have the status of study centres but will not be given any recognition by the Asia Theological Association unless they have been included in the evaluation process of the programmes offered by the member-institution.


Is ATA accreditation recognized outside elsewhere?

Asia Theological Association is one of eight regional accrediting agencies worldwide that are members of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education, which is a global partner of the World Evangelical Alliance. So its accreditation is given due recognition by member-institutions of sister regional agencies. For further information go to the ICETE website at or the WEA website at