May 24, 2017


There are two categories of members:

  1. Candidate Members

Candidate members are those institutions that have applied for candidacy status and have been accepted. This is the first step towards getting their program/s evaluated for accreditation. They need to meet basic criteria for membership, and subscribe to the Statement of Faith.

The list of Candidate Members can be found here.

  1. Accredited Members

Accredited members are institutions that have had one or more of the programmes they offer evaluated and accredited by the ATA.

Currently, there are just over 300 member-institutions, scattered across countries in Asia ranging from South Korea in the east to Jordan in the west. Of these, about 160 are located in India and are members of the India chapter. All accredited member-institutions in India are listed on this web-site.

The list of Accredited Members can be found here.

There is a further category of institutions called affiliated study centres. An affiliated study centre is not an ATA member but is affiliated to one. Those that are ATA approved are those that have been evaluated; others are not approved.

All member institutions pay an annual membership fee. For details, write to the Regional Secretary – India at