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ATA India Administrative Process
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  1. Priscilla, the Executive Secretary at ATA India, outlines the procedures for applying for Candidate Membership with the ATA India, emphasizing its importance as the first step towards program accreditation.
  2. Institutions seeking accreditation should start by writing a request letter to the Regional Secretary, expressing their interest in Membership.
  3. Upon receiving the request letter, ATA India office sends various documents including the application, fact sheet, and instructions for completion.
  4. Necessary documents include a cover letter, recommendation letter from a ATA Accredited institution , and an application fee of ₹6,000.
  5. Once the application is submitted and processed, the Institution undergoes a preliminary visit, and upon recommendation by the Managing Committee, the Institution receives Candidate Membership  status, and the profile of each Institution will be posted on the ATA India website and also entitled to avail all our services.

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