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  1. The registration process for ATA India involves verifying transcripts and certificates, starting from 10th grade, to ensure completion of required programs and tasks without any back papers.
  2. For the two-year Diploma in Theology program, candidates typically need a 10-year schooling background, but exceptions are made for Mature Candidates  who pass a qualifying exam at the 10th standard level.
  3. Entrance qualifications for the three-year B.Th. program requires completion of 12 years of schooling or equivalent, with special provisions for Mature Candidates over 25 years old.
  4. Admission to the MDiv program necessitates a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and  Mature Candidates over 30 years old needing to meet specific criteria.
  5. The MTh program requires a prior MDiv degree with a minimum average grade, and candidates who fall short must pass a qualifying exam in Biblical studies, Theology, and Christian Ministry. Additionally, institutions must ensure that the registration templates accurately reflect candidates’ qualifications and details, distinguishing between ATA and Non-ATA backgrounds and administering qualifying exams, as necessary.

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