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Graduation Registration
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Accreditation & Re Accreditation
ATA India Administrative Process
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  • Kezia, working with ATA India, outlines the procedures for sending certificates for embossing, emphasizing the importance of including a hard copy of the Graduation Template, certificates with atleast one signature of the signatories, and transaction details, all sent together to the ATA India office.
  • It’s crucial that the names on the registration and graduation templates match those on the 10th certificate, with any necessary corrections made prior to graduation to ensure accuracy.
  • When filling out the graduation template, institutions must verify students’ information, including their names and the number of credit hours completed, ensuring that data is entered only for students who have met all requirements.
  • Institutions should provide the  ATA registration number of the graduates  and ensure their names match those on their High School certificate.
  • Only after verifying the completed credit hours, institutions should enter data on the graduation template, following strict adherence to the outlined procedures.

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