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The Asia Theological Association was founded in 1970 to promote evangelical theological education and training for ministry of the whole people of God. In 1978 evaluation and accreditation services were begun to member institutions. Since then its member institutions have grown and matured and taken on an authentic Asian image, and the services of evaluation and accreditation too have come a long way.

Educational Status

Currently, there are just over 300 member-institutions, scattered across countries in Asia ranging from South Korea in the east to Jordan in the west. Of these, about 160 are located in India and are members of the India chapter. All accredited member-institutions are listed on this web-site.


Asia Theological Association is one of eight regional accrediting agencies worldwide that are members of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education, which is a global partner of the World Evangelical Alliance. So its accreditation is given due recognition by member-institutions of sister regional agencies.


>>The ATA India General Body Meeting 2017 will be held on August 1-2, 2017 at the SAIACS CEO Center, Bangalore.



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All accredited member-institutions are listed on our ATA web-site. Click view members to look at our list of accredited and associate members.

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