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What We Believe in


The statement of faith of the ATA is in keeping with the historical evangelical faith of the Church and all its member institutions are expected to affirm the same.

We believe in:

  • The divine inspiration of the Holy Bible, of sixty-six books of the Old Testament and New Testament, as the infallible Word of God, its consequent uniqueness, entire trustworthiness and supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. One God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The full deity and humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ, His representative and substitutionary death, His bodily resurrection and personal return in glory to consummate His kingdom.
  • The dignity of humans, made in the image of God, their universal sinfulness, their need of repentance, redemption and justification through faith alone in Christ crucified and risen from the dead.
  • The resurrection of all humans, either to eternal life or to condemnation.
  • The illuminating, regenerating, indwelling, and sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, enabling Christians to witness effectively to the Gospel and to serve responsibly in the world.
  • The unity in our Lord Jesus Christ of all believers, who comprise the Church
  • The total mission of the Church to the whole man in society in the contemporary context, in obedience to God, according to the Scriptures.

Our Vision

The vision of the ATA is to see member institutions effectively serving churches in fulfilling God’s global mission.

Our Mission

The Asia Theological Association (ATA) is a body of theological institutions, committed to evangelical faith and scholarship, networking together to serve the Church in equipping the people of God for the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

a network of 380 theological institutions from 32 nations

We Are One Of The Largest Theological Accreditation Councils in Asia

Envisioning  member institutions serving the Asian church so that people of God fulfill God’s global mission within diverse Asian cultures

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To attain Accredited Membership status with the Asia Theological Association (ATA) and initiate the evaluation of your program/s, the initial step is to become a Candidate Member of ATA. Candidate Membership serves as a process for assessing whether educational programs meet the specified quality standards mandated by the Asia Theological Association (ATA).

ATA Staff

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Regional Secretary

Asia Theological Association (ATA) in India stands firmly committed to evangelical theological education, recognizing its paramount importance in shaping strong and well-rounded Christian leaders. With an unwavering dedication to this mission, ATA is resolute in preparing individuals who excel in knowledge formation, spiritual growth, character development, and ministerial skill formation. ATA India upholds the quality measures and standards set by ATA International according to the ICETE standards and guidelines for global evangelical theological education.

In India, the demand for ministers equipped with essential spiritual and character formation, alongside theological expertise, has never been more critical. ATA understands this pressing need and endeavours to prepare ministers who possess not only theological knowledge but also the essential skills and virtues required for effective ministry. Such comprehensive preparation ensures that these leaders can navigate the challenges and complexities of modern society while remaining steadfast in their commitment to serving the Lord and His people.

To achieve this vision, ATA works hand in hand with theological institutions, providing valuable support through accreditation visits, specialized trainings, and other value-added services. These efforts are instrumental in strengthening the quality of theological education across the region. Furthermore, ATA actively envisages to engage in theological consultations, research, and publications to promote a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the theological community.

The shared aspiration is to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders, well-equipped to serve not only in India but also beyond its borders. As Christendom increasingly moves towards the global south, it becomes imperative for church leaders to be well-prepared to meet the spiritual needs of congregations in India and the broader world.

The call to unite in this noble pursuit is resounding. Together, we can realize the dream of cultivating strong, theologically-grounded, and ministerially skilled Christian leaders who will lead the Church into a promising future. By empowering these leaders with essential theological understanding, unwavering spiritual formation, and effective ministerial capabilities, ATA seeks to bolster the Church’s impact and strengthen its role in the global south. Let us join hands and hearts in preparing a generation of leaders who will faithfully carry the light of Christ, illuminating the path for God’s people and the lost in India and beyond.

Dr. Bennet Lawrence

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