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Value Added Services

Empowering Institution’s Educational Journey with ATA's Dynamic Consultancy Services!

Picture a remarkable transformation that breathes innovation, vision, and boundless growth into every facet of your institution. Here at ATA’s Value Added Services, we’re thrilled to provide exactly that. Our offerings are designed to be your partner in turning your educational aspirations into reality, bringing a new dimension of excellence to your journey!

Revamp Your Organizational Structure for Ministerial Excellence!

Are you seeking to cultivate an environment that nurtures Christian ministers? ATA's expertise can guide your institution through the intricate process of institutional renewal and organizational change. Our dedicated team will stand by your side, coaching and catalyzing your journey towards a revitalized structure and culture.

Craft Curricula and Programs that Ignite Student Passion!

Beyond mere courses and syllabi, ATA's approach to curricula and program development is holistic. We aim to create a comprehensive educational experience that resonates with your students' lives and ministries. Let us collaborate with your faculty to enhance and expand curricula across diverse disciplines, ensuring your students are empowered for success.

Chart a Vision for Impactful Ministries!

A clear vision drives meaningful ministries. ATA stands ready to guide you through a strategic planning cycle that will help your institution crystallize its vision and mission. Together, we'll unlock a roadmap to relevant and impactful educational endeavors.

Transform Your Library into a Hub of Knowledge!

Library development is at the heart of academic growth. ATA is equipped to help you optimize policies, personnel, and acquisitions, ensuring your library is a thriving hub of resources. We'll examine your libraries, collaborate with librarians, and offer expert recommendations for development.

Elevate Faculty Development for Excellence!

Recognizing that your educators are the cornerstone of success, ATA specializes in faculty development. By engaging with your faculty and Dean, we'll tailor recommendations and programs that elevate teaching excellence, fostering a culture of continuous growth.

Fine-tune Governance for Effective Leadership!

ATA understands that effective governance paves the way for success. Collaborating with your Board and CEO, we'll help shape patterns of governance that enhance institutional development, authority, and control. Leadership development is a cornerstone of theological education, and we are here to provide tailored guidance for faculty and administration, encompassing modeling, mentoring, coursework, internships, and curricular innovation.

Strategic Planning for a Brighter Future!

Good stewardship and strategic planning towards sustainability is paramount to sustainable growth. ATA believes in nurturing both self-reliance and interdependence. Allow us to guide your institution in exploring fundraising strategies, communication enhancements, and potential alliances and networks. ATA will review and enhance your financial management practices, ensuring optimal capacity and responsible fiscal strategies. Partner with us to refine your financial future!

Revolutionize Teaching Methodologies for Enhanced Learning!

Teaching methodologies shape the learning experience. ATA can lead dynamic seminars and workshops that revolutionize teaching practices. Join us in establishing ongoing, peer-based, in-service teacher development programs.

Unlock Boundless Professional Development with ICETE Academy!

As an institution offering ATA accredited program, you also gain access to the ICETE Academy (IA), a realm of continuous professional growth. Our subscription to IA allows your institution's leaders and faculty to embark on an educational journey by taking unlimited courses for free and earning points toward becoming an ICETE Academy Fellow.

Embrace ATA’s unwavering commitment to education, innovation, and growth. Let us propel your institution to greatness! Contact us today to embark on a transformative educational adventure.

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